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Speed Up And Smooth Out Your Gaming Connection.

WTFast is a GPN (gamers' private network), similar to a VPN but designed exclusively for use with video games. It's useful for improving ping, accessing region-restricted servers, and otherwise improving gameplay when one's Internet is slow or the server they want to play in is distant.

Fully Automatic

As an example, connecting directly to a server in the US from New Zealand is normally quite slow. WTFast can route your connection through a more efficient series of servers, ending at a server in the US, making your gameplay smoother than it would normally be. WTFast supports custom settings for this purpose, but by default, it uses machine learning to find the best possible route for you. Notably, WTFast has very high uptime, but it has faced competition and difficulty in some regions. Though WTFast is available in China, it has been DDoSed in that region and may be slightly less effective or available there at times.

A Quick Choice

Overall, WTFast is worth purchasing if you're a competitive gamer connecting to servers all around the world, or if you're a casual gamer living in a region where there aren't many servers. It's also useful for anyone who wants to play games with friends in distant regions.

A must have for MMO Gamers. Optimizes your games internet connection, reduces lag and Increases your game speed up to 70%.

Never suffer from lag or latency when you’re playing games online again. WTFast is the #1 solution for lag and latency killing on the market:

- Increase your game connection speed by up-to 70%.
- Supports virtually every online PC game.
- Optimized for popular games like League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, Aion Online, Ragnarok Online, Diablo 3 and more!
- Powerful and customizable - Also enables user configured installations.
- No third-party software - built exclusively for gaming.
- One-click history - Store settings and load your game faster next session.
- Try for free now!

Whether you lag consistently, occasionally or only intermittently, game lag at ANY time can mean the difference between victory or defeat. WTFast is an intuitive software solution that is free to try, simple to install and easy to customize.

Type in your game name just like a Google search and you're ready to go. All new accounts receive a free trial so you can see the service in action for yourself. Don't die due to game lag, Be WTFast or Be Dead!

About WTFast.

Launched in 2009, WTFast is the leading online acceleration software for gaming on PC and supports over 800 games including the most popular franchises in the MMORPG category. The service is available as a limited free trial and subscription at

1. WTFast is the only solution in this space that DOES NOT encrypt your game data. This is important, we send your game data exactly how the game company wants it sent, we are not trying to hide it (like hackers who use proxies do).
2. WTFast is the only solution that uses a fast proxy optimized for game traffic, both TCP and UDP games.
3. WTFast is the only solution that uses a chaining system so you can control the path of your game data from end to end.
4. Simply... WTFast PWNs!

WTFast is designed for anyone who plays online games (especially MMO games) and does not want to die due to lag. Take control of your game connection and don't die because of something that is out of your control.


  • Extremely fast
  • Simple to set up


  • Not universally compatible
  • Some regional issues

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WTFast for PC

  • Trial version

  • In English
  • V
  • 3.1

  • Security Status

User reviews about WTFast

  • seqo sanwa

    by seqo sanwa

    Garbage, my ping is so much higher with wtfast, I want my money back, scam!

  • Erushy Aion

    by Erushy Aion

    nice program for gaming and others. In PC too nice program for gaming and others. In PC too

  • Edgard Gonçalves

    by Edgard Gonçalves

    Best tunneling software for games like Lol, Tibia, Final Fantasy XV and many others.

  • Kay Smith

    by Kay Smith

    its good and reliable it really works and it reduces my ping very well

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Mandatory for gamers.
    Best latency reduce program ever. From 182 to 82 EU-US. Numbers speaks more then words. Best program ever.
    Pros: imp More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Best latency reduce program .
    Test it and its working perfectly fine. Reduced the latency from EU to US from 180 to 82. Numbers speaks more then More


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